Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

When looking for an accordion plugin, there are so many options to choose from. I did this review so that I can help you minimize the time that you’re going to spend in finding the best ones for your needs. As of now, I’m able to manage 3 accordion plugins, and I’m planning to review […]

How to Customize WooCommerce Front End Dashboard

Have you already set up a front end dashboard as discussed here? If not yet, just create a new page and add this shortcode: Now that you have a front end dashboard, you might not like the way it’s presented or you just want to add/remove certain details. Here’s what you must do: Create a […]

How to Set Up WooCommerce Front End Dashboard

For woocommerce websites, allowing customers/users to access dashboard in the front end has been a necesity. Customers can access them via default dashboard, which has a different layout than their website, the owners just want to make their customers feel that they are not redirected somewhere. To set up one, simple create a page and […]

How to Create Custom WP Metabox

Default and custom types already have default fields that we can fill in, but what it we need custom data for these post types? In this kind of need, we can opt to create custom metaboxes which will contain custom fields for the desired post types. To make the implementation of a custom metabox easier, […]

My Favorite Free WordPress Themes

While browsing for a new theme from, I bumped into a lot of nice looking themes. I listed the top seven nicest themes for me.

How to Add & Customize ACF Form in Front End

Advance Custom Fields plugin is one of the best plugins when if you want add custom fields to your post, page, custom post types, and even custom options page . Entending your dashboard forms can be very easy, however, if you want custom forms for your front end, this plugin does not provide default styling […]