Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

When looking for an accordion plugin, there are so many options to choose from. I did this review so that I can help you minimize the time that you’re going to spend in finding the best ones for your needs.

As of now, I’m able to manage 3 accordion plugins, and I’m planning to review 7 more.

These are the things I’m looking for in an accordion plugin:

 AccordionAccordionMagee Shortcodes 
by Pickpluginsby Pickpluginsby MageeWP
No conflict encountered (css/js)failfailfail
Sort-able itemspasspasspass
Available styling options (1-10)668
Able to select default active itemfailpasspass
Easy to manage items (add, edit, delete)pass
(you can manage items via it's own tab)
(you can manage items via it's own tab)
(once you have created an accordion, you will have to manage it via wp editor, so it's kind of messy & difficult to me)

You can checkout more accordion plugins here.

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