Here are just few of the wordpress plugins I created.

Feedback & Reviews – create as feedback forms and generate shortcodes that can be added in the front end. Entries will be stored in the database and can be viewed in the dashboard

WP Bike Options – This is a wordpress/woocommerce plugin where the admin can specify color options for different parts of the bike.

Extra Options – Favicons – Lets you set different favicons for your website pages and the dashboard pages.

Relative URL for Img and A Tags – Removed the root url from images and links on posts and pages. Ideal of your site is still in a tempory domain/subdomain/subfolder so that the images and links will point to the appropriate location after you moved the WordPress site to its final domain/subdomain/subfolder.

Text Styler – Adds a button to the content editor so that you can style your content with ease.

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