How to add wp_editor Dynamically

Add this to your php file wp_enqueue_editor(); Add this on your script after you load the wp_editor elements to your web page. tinymce.execCommand( ‘mceRemoveEditor’, false, ‘proj_desc’ ); tinymce.execCommand( ‘mceAddEditor’, false, ‘proj_desc’ ); quicktags({id : “proj_desc”});   Source:

How to Insert Codes to Any Plugin or Theme

If you’re a web developer and you’re trying to modify the output of any plugin or theme without editing the plugin or theme itself, you can only if the plugin or theme developer allows you to. In order to know if you can manipulate the output, you have to find out where a particular section […]

How to Add Color Presets to Your Beaver Builder Editor

To add predefined colors in your beaver builder’s color picker, you have to add the ff. codes to any file that get’s executed by WordPress all the time. You can create your own custom plugin. The most common file to add it is in your theme or child theme’s functions.php. Here is the code snippet: […]

WordPress + AJAX

Action wp_ajax Always Returning 0 One of the common reason why this can happen is when the user is not logged in. Try adding the ff: add_action(‘wp_ajax_nopriv_extract-files’, ‘extractFiles’); Also, when you’re using jsonP, you cannot use type POST

How to Use WP Cron

Scheduling an event in WordPress is very common. This functionality is commonly known as CRON. Here are the steps on how to can create CRON tasks. Step 1: Determine the desired recurrence There are three predefined recurrences defined by WordPress, namely: daily, twicedaily, & hourly. If you want to define your own recurrence, you can […]

Best WordPress Accordion Plugins

When looking for an accordion plugin, there are so many options to choose from. I did this review so that I can help you minimize the time that you’re going to spend in finding the best ones for your needs. As of now, I’m able to manage 3 accordion plugins, and I’m planning to review […]

How to Create Custom WP Metabox

Default and custom types already have default fields that we can fill in, but what it we need custom data for these post types? In this kind of need, we can opt to create custom metaboxes which will contain custom fields for the desired post types. To make the implementation of a custom metabox easier, […]

My Favorite Free WordPress Themes

While browsing for a new theme from, I bumped into a lot of nice looking themes. I listed the top seven nicest themes for me.

How to Add & Customize ACF Form in Front End

Advance Custom Fields plugin is one of the best plugins when if you want add custom fields to your post, page, custom post types, and even custom options page . Entending your dashboard forms can be very easy, however, if you want custom forms for your front end, this plugin does not provide default styling […]