There are diverse website platform emerging nowadays. For those new to websites, website platform is the one used to run and manage your website. Mostly, it has administrator section where the website owner can manage the website contents without the need to have knowledge in website programming.

WordPress is one of the website platform that has become very popular these days. Aside from the fact that it’s free, there are lots of reasons why WordPress stands out from among the other platform.

By default, a wordpress website will allow administrator to edit the contents of the website. It is developed to be secure from hackers and search engine friendly. You can check out free themes and plugins available at They allow you to add simple to complex website functionality.

WordPress has been used by most developers because it’s very easy to use and upgrade. There are lots of online forums and tutorials available that tackle on how to update the website layout and how to hook new programming features without editing the core programs.

WordPress developers in return, are able to produce advanced themes and plugins that performs intricate tasks such as website builder and ecommerce, and made them available online for free or for sale.

These themes and plugins are the answers to those who do not know how to and or edit programming codes and who don’t have budget in hiring freelancer but want to upgrade the website to perform specific task.


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