This plugin contains advance options so that you can customize your woocommerce website with no need to add programming codes. This plugin is useful especially if the theme you use does not support woocommerce. If your theme is not compatible with woocommerce, there’s a tendency that the color scheme of your site will not match with the woocommerce front pages such as checkout page, cart page, product page, etc. But with this plugin, you can easilly customize the woocommerce front end pages so that it will look like the rest of your site. You can customize the text color, font size, font family, text, alignment, background, etc.


*   Edit Button Styles
*   Edit Header Styles
*   Edit Sub Header Styles
*   Edit Link Styles
*   Edit Table Header Styles
*   Edit Table Text Styles
*   Edit Form Styles
*   Show/Hide Product Description Tab (Product Page)
*   Show/Hide Reviews Tab (Product Page)
*   Show/Hide Different Shipping Address Fields By Default (Checkout Page)