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Create a Graph Using PHP and SVGGraph

Creating a graph is very easy with the aid of SVGGraph library. You can download it here. This library supports almost all kinds of graphs such as pie graph, line graph, bar graph, and...

Create a PDF Using PHP and TCPDF

If you search online about how to create a PDF using PHP, you will find so many ways on how to do it. There are so many libraries that you can download together with...

How to Add Media Uploader to WordPress Dashboard

By following the tutorial below, you can add as many media uploader field on your wordpress dashboard form. Step 1. call wp_enqueue_media() on your php file. Step 2. Create the button field by adding...

How to Add Media Uploader to WordPress Front End

Are you creating a plugin or theme and you want the user to uploaded photos, files, etc. on the front end page of the website? Adding a media uploader in the front end is also as easy as adding it on the backend, but you have to used the codes here:

How to Create a WordPress Plugin

WordPress is carefully designed so plugins we third party can easily customized it without editing the core files. Editing the core files is not recommended because if you do, you can no longer update...

Why Choose WordPress As Your Website CMS Platform

There are diverse website platform emerging nowadays. For those new to websites, website platform is the one used to run and manage your website. Mostly, it has administrator section where the website owner can...

How to Add Your Plugin Files to WordPress Repository

This tutorial assumes that your plugin has been submitted and approved by WordPress . https://wordpress.org/plugins/add/ Download and install TortoiseSVN Create a folder on your pc, e.g. DocumentsWordpress Repository – SVNMy Plugin Name Right click...

How To Create WordPress Child Theme

Why Create Child Theme Oftentimes, we need to customize bought theme to suit with our requirements. But with doing so, we won’t be able to update the theme to it’s latest version or else...

How to add New Thumbnail Size in WordPress

If you want to add new thumbnail size, just add the ff: if ( function_exists( ‘add_image_size’ ) ) { add_image_size( ‘my-thumb’, 220, 180, true ); //(cropped) }   to retrieve the image, simple call...

Hide a Post by Displaying the 404 Error Page

Create a function which will check your condition. If the condition is met, set $wp_query->is_404 to true. Then call that function like add_action(‘template_redirect’, ‘functionName’); function functionName() { global $wp_query, $post; if (condition here) {...

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